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Bridge Etiquette

(most abused in red)

  • Check whether you need to sign in.
  • Pay your fee if required prior to start of game.
  • Turn off your mobile phone. (if absolutely necessary to have it on, put it on vibrate).
  • It is necessary to play quite quickly. The aim is to be able to play at least. 21-24 boards in a session.
  • Keep noise level down to a minimum
Each New Round
  • Greet your new opponents as they arrive at your table.
  • Explain your system clearly and simply if asked. Answer any questions clearly.
  • Sort and count your cards quickly so that you can bid promptly when it is your turn.
  • Do not sort through your cards again when it is your turn to bid.
  • Do not ask what a bid means unless you are intending to bid. Ask any questions when the auction is over.
  • Do not put your bidding cards away until the initial lead has been made.
  • When you are making the initial lead, play your card before you write down the contract or enter the details in the Bridgemate. (3 people are waiting)
The Play
  • As declarer, plan your campaign before you select a card from dummy.
  • As dummy, do not play the first card (even if it is a singleton) until declarer has worked out his plan and called for it.
  • As declarer, always call for the card you wish dummy to play (unless dummy is away from the table or has a disability, making the play of cards difficult.)
  • As declarer, when you lead to a trick, wait for LHO to play his card before calling a card from dummy.
  • When making a claim, explain your intended line of play clearly.
  • When the hand has been completed, North should fill in the score on the traveler or Bridgemate quickly. East confirms it is correct.
On Completion of the Play
  • Do not hold long post-mortems unless you are well ahead of the other tables.
  • Do not touch other player's cards. Ask them to show you. There will be less fouled boards.
  • North handles new boards.
  • Thank your opponents at the end of the round and move quickly to your new table.