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It's time for the Board of Directors election! Unit 106 members who have made their emails available to the ACBL will be receiving electronic ballots. Those who have not will receive paper ballots by mail. So please be on the look-out for these and submit your votes by December 7th.

Anyone who wishes to receive electronic communication pertaining to upcoming events, club results, etc. in the future should update their contact information with the ACBL and provide their email address.
Unit 106 2022 Player of the Year Race
Includes Annual Brunch, January, April, September & November Sectionals, Johnke and Reitman Teams
The Unit 106 Player of the Year Competition includes all points awarded at the Annual Brunch and/or Dinner (Seiden Trophy), Unit 106 Open Sectionals held at one location (Allendale), Bob Johnke Teams, and the Nelson Reitman Teams. The cycle begins with the annual dinner and ends with the November Sectional. No other event qualifies. The top ten players in each category are listed below.
OVER 2500UNDER 2500UNDER 1000
Patricia Linnemeyer31.06   Fred Shubert22.7   Wally Gebara21.8   
Joseph Pospis30.63   Richard Podkowik22.22   Steve Highfill19.6   
Frederick Linnemeyer24   Bruce Humphreys21.09   Peri Namerow14.69   
Lynn Mackall23.38   Peter Szabados14   Julie Zinzi12.72   
Burrell Humphreys21.56   Steven Sundheimer13.26   Dan Benjamin12.23   
Miyoko Boswell16.24   Dan Peters13.26   Kayoko Nishitani11.74   
Serge Aronovich15.48   John Hodge11.65   Daniele Panayotatos9.2   
Marianne Aronovich15.48   Sue Hodge11.65   Harry Lazarovici8.76   
Martin Singer14.76   Richard Nathan10.13   Dominick D'Ascoli7.32   
Leonard Helfgott13.76   Martin Gilbert9.02   Carole Gelfer4.58   
John Wass10.47   Charles Fuchs9.02   Lori Oliff4.13   
Eiko Shimoyama7.93   Marina Fradina6.02   Martin Cohen3.48   
Aaron Liebhaber5.66   Alessandra Lofaro6.02   Valerie Kazhdan3.47   
Jim Higgins4.4   Richard Bland4.19   John Michael Capeci Sr3.18   
Ida Parks3.69   Robert Denner4.19   Chris Thorn2.8   
Julie Bernhardt3.63   Lorraine Marootian3.51   Cynthia Burns2.33   
Carole Addison3.51   Carol Pastushok3.31   Oliver King1.86   
Teresa Aschoff2.54   Donald Fischer2.97   Carole Green1.51   
Anne Bendell2.45   Chris Smith1.66   Arvin Adler1.01   
Nikos Panayotatos2.44   John Dunlop1.66   Aldina Makhnovetsky0.72   
Paul Weiner1.37   Nancy Koeller1.61     
Stephanie Gottesman0.67   Barbara Krekstein1.61