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Unit 106 2024 Player of the Year Race
Includes Annual Brunch, January, April, September, November Sectionals, Johnke and Reitman Teams
The Unit 106 Player of the Year Competition includes all points awarded at the Annual Brunch and/or Dinner (Seiden Trophy), Unit 106 Open Sectionals, Bob Johnke Teams, and the Nelson Reitman Teams. The cycle begins with the annual dinner and ends with the November Sectional. No other event qualifies. The top ten players in each category are listed below.
OVER 2500UNDER 2500UNDER 1000
Tod Thorgersen2.19   William Whitman2.19   David Griegel2.92   
Burrell Humphreys2.19   Charles Fuchs1.64   Matthew O'Connor2.92   
Edward Landau2.19   Robert Sorce1.34   Mary Thurber1.34   
Phyllis Fuchs1.64   Betty Hough1.27   Arlene Tais0.57   
Serge Aronovich1.64   Carole Gelfer1.01   Pam Mills0.55   
Marianne Aronovich1.64   Martin Gilbert1.01   Eileen McGrory0.47   
Andrew Lohan0.73   Fred Shubert0.95   Toby Baskind0.33   
Myra Bachman0.73   Richard Podkowik0.95     
Gregory Rosoff0.73   Andrea Luckey0.79     
David Kuenzler0.73   Mary Giannella0.79     
Alessandra Lofaro2.92   Serge Altman0.77     
Marina Fradina2.92       
Douglas Cestone1.27       
Eiko Shimoyama0.77