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North Jersey Youth Bridge is an organization of youth bridge teachers associated with the non-profit North Jersey Bridge Association, an affiliate of the American Contract Bridge League. This group was formed to bring bridge to youth in North Jersey and Rockland County, NY.

We offer a fully funded program to teach bridge to youth in schools, libraries and community centers. Widely regarded as the greatest sport of the mind, bridge has been well-received for its value in developing thinking, math and social skills as well as improving memory and concentration.

Bridge is a unique way of fostering social interaction and teamwork among youth. Students will develop self-reliance and enhance their social skills while building trust and confidence with a partner. They will discover how to succeed, just as they would in any sports program. Moreover, there are no physical or socio-economic boundaries to learning bridge.

North Jersey Youth Bridge has a core of experienced bridge teachers ready to teach bridge to the youth in our communities. Lessons are usually 90 minutes for 8 to 9 weeks. All that is needed is a space for the lessons and support for bridge as an approved activity.

To learn more about our youth bridge programs, offered at no charge to the participating youth, contact Barbara Ganin at 201-446-4649 or b_ganin@yahoo.com